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Hi, lovelies.

If you want to follow my newer and better blog, here it is! [x]

My dash has been really boring and dead lately, so I’m going through the blogs I follow on this account. So if any of you get a random follower, it might be me!

I used to care about who could and couldn’t find my other account, but I realized that there will always be a way to find it. I was really only hiding from one person. (A person who wouldn’t stop harassing me, and I ended up getting a PPO against.) It seems unfair that I blocked the rest of you out. I’m sorry. ;~;

Anyway, I’ve gained a lot more confidence, and I’m finally ready to share my new blog with you all! :3

This is going to be my last post on this blog.

I’ve started a new account in order to keep my privacy. A person I have a PPO against continuously stalks my blog, and it won’t stop until she can’t. ( - _ -) ;

I’m gonna keep this account open, though, because I have a lot of personal pictures and drawings saved on here.

So feel free to message me still, with any questions about my new blog or whatever! I’ll still be checking my messages from time to time. :3

Ttyl, guys.

Shoulder cat!
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The Ostentatious Orgasm by Wendy Buttrose. Cosmopolitan Magazine, July 1972

Why …WHY can’t you just leave me the fuck alone?!?!



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